Texts, Translations & Commentaries


I intend to offer the text and translation of all the fragments of Sappho that survive.  To find what I have so far click here.

The authoritative text of all the fragments "discovered" in 2014 as well as a collection of scholarly papers on issues related to them is available online here. 


Here is the 19th century edition of Sappho by Theodor Bergk, which remains relevant for studying 19th and early 20th century authors influenced by Sappho.  Practically every translation of Sappho during that period would have been based on Bergk's text.

The most popular translation based on Bergk in English is Wharton's Sappho. This edition includes many earlier English 'translations' and imitations of Sappho.

The earliest 'modern' publication of Sappho's poetry (apart from its quotation in other works) of which I am aware is this 1556 edition by the famous French printer, Henri Estienne.  This edition includes what are now identified as poems S.1 and S.31 (substantively in the form they are published in today although with some portions of lines containing readings that are no longer deemed correct).

An important edition for the spread of Sappho's influence in modern Europe literature is Anne Dacier's edition (late 1600s) that has the Greek text with French translations on the facing pages.  Currently available via this link.