The New (2014/2015) Fragments

The authoritative text of all the fragments "discovered" in 2014 as well as a collection of scholarly papers on issues related to them is available online here.   The online interface is not particularly user friendly but it does work.

The new fragments bring even more attention to issues relating to how dramatically different our view of Sappho now is relative to as recently as just over ten years ago as a result of both the 2004 and now the 2014 discoveries.

For the rather ragged way in which these fragments came to light here are the relevant links:

There is an excellent summary of the issues related to the 2014 discovery and publication of the new fragments of Sappho by Megan Gannon of the online news magazine/journal LiveScience available here.  She fails to mention the annoying way in which the first announcement was accidentally leaked, then published, then pulled and then republished in April 2014.  Americans with any interest in Sappho will be appalled to learn from Gannon's article that the family that owns Hobby Lobby has ownership of some of the relevant fragments and that (per Obbink as Gannon reports) were less than enthusiastic about helping him with his work on them.

Here is Obbink's January 2015 clarification.

A detailed discussion of what was known of such circumstances in 2014 relating to the new fragments of Sappho can be found here: Sappho 2014: The Backstory can be found here.

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