Sunday, April 5, 2015


I finally got around to posting a link to my latest article for Feminism and Religion, Buddhas in Snowflakes; Enlightenment in a Bathtub.  That might not sound like it relates to Sappho and it does not directly, but as I discuss in my translation and commentary on Sappho 120, and will discuss further in my forthcoming (May 4th) Feminism and Religion post, Sappho's spirituality can usefully be compared to Taoism and Buddhism.  I am also revising my translation and commentary on S.16; I was motivated to do that by noticing that the edition of her poetry published by Cambridge University Press last year unjustifiably split it into a S.16 and '16A'.  Based on publicly available evidence the only basis for that would be stylistic analysis that is sketchy at best.

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