Sunday, January 11, 2015


I have revised my section on the new fragments of Sappho first published in 2014.  It all goes back to a 1954 purchase by David M. Robinson, then a professor at the University of Mississippi (it is indeed Faulkneresque in more ways than one)--something I find amusing given that I was born in 1954 to a mother from Mississippi.  That said, I do not understand why the explanation could not have been made in 2014 when the fragments were first published.

For more on Robinson and his incredible collection of ancient artifacts and manuscripts and the improbable connection with Ole Miss go here.  The Wikipedia entry on Robinson is here and a more detailed biography of his very active academic life here.

For those who want to "get into the weeds" of the odd sequence of revelations about the new fragments here are the relevant links:

First announcement by Obbink (January 2014).

Second announcement discussing all relevant fragments (April 2014).

Obbink's discussion of the two most significant fragments (April 2014).

Obbink's clarification of the origin of the fragments (January 2015).

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