Friday, April 4, 2014

I am continuing to add comments on the new 5 stanza fragment that can be found here.  I also added the text and translation of S.148 that I think is worth reading given its connection with Pindar and the gnomic statements of the new fragment that Obbink has suggested are analogous to those found in Pindar.

For now I only have limited comments on just the first stanza of the much shorter and scrappier new 2 stanza fragment that supplements Fragment 26.

With Easter coming up I want to point out that there are a number of fascinating associations of Sappho's poetry with mythology regarding the sun (especially as the goddess Dawn, Eos (Aeolic spelling is Auos)--the name from which 'Easter' derives).  

This relates as well to the myth of Adonis, which is first attested in Greek literature in Sappho.  There is much on that myth at various points throughout this blog.  See in particular the entry for Adonis in the Sapphic Dictionary and Fragments 104a, 140 and 168, as well as the likely indirect reliance by Shakespeare on Sappho for the poem that made him famous: Venus and Adonis.

I also recently tweaked a short essay I have that is inspired by studying Sappho and her influence entitled Our Masculine Past and Our Feminine Future.

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