Thursday, April 11, 2013


I added the Greek text and translation (not that it is needed) of the brief refrain attributed to Sappho, 'O for Adonis' (S. 168) as well as a translation of another fragment that relates to the Adonis cult, S. 140.  Russian music and literature fans will be interested in the connection of the Adonis refrain fragment with the voice and piano work of Lourie.  A youtube audio file featuring Lourie's incorporation of this refrain (in the first of several pieces for voice and piano based on the Russian translation of some of Sappho's fragments by Ivanov) is available here.  Lourie's composition dates from shortly after he first met Anna Akhmatova, who Ivanov was in a relationship with as well, and who has been characterized by some as the 'Russian Sappho.'

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